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was established as a merger of

Zumurudat Altaj Althahabi Co., a specialized banking solutions company, and Bawabat Alanadhama Co., a specialized in information technology, networking, e-learning and interactive solutions.

Our goal

Introducing integrated solutions to banks, state institutions and companies through the provision of advanced equipment and original creation and education of all sectors to use the latest technology and training in order to obtain the highest levels of accuracy and success in their work.

Our Vision

Our vision is the quality guarantee, and working to use the high quality in all works and solutions to make Iraq one of the most developed countries.
We have professional staff in marketing, integrated solutions, studies for the clients to get the better results and best price, and we are authorized from international companies such as MAGNER, LIDIX, KISAN, BINDTEK, PLUS, TROY, MAGTEK, DELL, HP, HASNET, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Symantec, Prestigio, etc…
The knowledge and experience we got coming from projects implementation and our specialized staff who have a high experience to work in the entire sectors and the full support from all international companies that we represent in Iraq.

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